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The Man, the Myth, the Legend. This is the History behind the Mystery

Born Nicholas Joseph Pupillo in January (Aquarius) Nick was born to third generation Italian immigrant parents. His mother Isabella Josephina pasted away on March, 15 1992 (the Ides of March) She was a hair stylist who owned her own shop. Nick's father Anthony (TONY) Michael Pupillo 's occupation was run a barber-shop hence the "myth" of TONY the Barber.

Nick had two brothers, the younger Tony, died in 1978 in a the hands of a drunk driver & became a great hardship to his mother Nick's other brother was Born Vincenzo Michael Pupillo.  He was to mark his mark musically also. Vince was a keyboard player with the gift of sight reading sheet music. Nick & Vince [played in many musical Cover bands This climaxed with the group Magnum who were booked in the New Jersey shore's coolest night-clubs all summer. Magnum even preformed a Kiss Tribute complete with costumes, make-up, fake-blood & pyrotechnics. After that summer DISCO moved in & all the rock clubs, become discos with flashing lights & mirror balls Good Bye Rock.

In 1976 brother Vince met Bennet Engle a classic piano virtuso. Vince & Nick were jamming with a drummer named Rodger Rumble ( what a great name for a drummer ) Nick would play bass guitar. Together they made up the "prog" band, "BEEVER". Listen Right Here --"BEERVER." enjoy!

After BEEVER Nick & Vince went their separate ways at least musically. Vince loved playing other people's music / Covers, while Nick on the other hand love the creativity, style & foremost the challenge of writing his own music / original material. The 2 brothers just drifted apart At least musically.

Nick was raised Roman Catholic, He was an altar-boy at Saints Cosmops & Damian R.C. Church. He joined the Boy Scouts of America and reached there pinnacle rank of Eagle Scout in 1968..  Nick Puipillo was also a member of the Order of the Arrow and received the R.C. religious award the "Ad Alteri Dei" ( to God's Altar )" Nick still works with the scouting movement as a merit badge
counselor today.

In 1967 he wrote his first song it was entitled "Monkey See , Monkey Do" & was set in the key of C with 3 chords (C-F-G) and was written on an electric Wurlitzer Organ. He quickly Copywriter the song & a musical career had begun. Songs would flow from him like water He truly has a creative flair. In 1970 Nick entered High-School, Arch-Bishop Kennedy in Conshohocken, PA.. Nick played trombone in the orchestra he was involved in student government & was instrumental in founding an Ecology Club at the school. His grade were above average / he was in the first
scholastic track. Nick Pupillo graduated high-school in 1974.

Upon graduation Nick applied to Temple University & he was accepted. Nick took the program entitled "Environmental Engineering & Technology".. & minored in foreign language Latin / Spanish. Senior year, he started a business with his mother & father. Today Nick is a major stock-holder & a silent partner of a large perishable foods & prepared salad corporation on the East-Coast. Part of Nick's heart was in the produce & prepare salad business.

The creation of lyrics & melody are Nick's true release & where his musical ability rested /
originality & creativity. In 1981 he solely rook upon himself the gargantuan task of playing, producing & recording the song he had written since he was 12 years old in 1981 Nick was 26 years old. The fruits of these sessions was released commercially till 2000. 19 years latter ---- "the History".

The "Mystery"--is cursed was bipolar disorder & manic depression / lack of funds "without radio/record promotion, there is no air-play or commercial radio play," / ' It really don't matter how good the record is , without record promotion money $$ it won't get played on commercial radio. / Not even as a request / they will usually say, "We don't have that record".

Now after 28 years Nick has slayed his dragons with the help of Rick Denizen
built this web-site. The website has become the corner-stone of the N.P.N. the Nick Pupillo Network "All Nick 24 / 7 all of the time". With the use of Nick's Links a more in dept view of Pupillo can be made Thank to all those who believed in Nick's talent & ability Props to all of you.

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